viewsonic projector white dots

Viewsonic projector white dots or black spots error is also a common error in DLP projectors. If your Viewsonic projector is using DLP technology, you may face the headache one day. Especially the Viewsonic projector has used for 4-5 years. If you find one white dot or black spot on your projection screen, I suggest you'd better to source out a solution. To replace the DMD Chip to fix it or replace a new projector. How can I confirm the white dots error is caused by the DMD Chip? Some times, the little white dots [...]

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How do we think Optoma EH415ST DLP projector

OPTOMA EH415ST A GREAT PROJECTOR TO BUY Optoma EH415ST projector is a powerful short throw projector which is designed as Full 1080P and long lamp life projector. As it is only $1144.09 at, the Optoma EH415ST is worth to buy if you are going to upgrade your projection system. Short throw projection The Optoma EH415ST is built with a short-throw lens, and the projector can produce large screen sizes from a short distance. If you want a projection screen of 100 inch, you just need to put the projector 7.35 inch offset. Check the Optoma distance calculator.  In [...]

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InFocus IN112 projector

InFocus IN112 IN114 IN116 White dots TROUBLESHOOTING

White Dots TROUBLESHOOTING for InFocus IN112 IN114 IN116 InFocus IN110 projector series is advertised the lowest priced InFocus projectors in InFocus website. The IN110 series include IN112, IN114, IN114ST and IN116. The most difference between these four models is they are provide different resolution and brightness.   From the projector specification picture above, we can find IN112 is a SVGA projector with 800*600 native resolution, IN114 is XGA projector with a 1024*768, IN114ST is XGA 1024*768 and IN116 WXGA 1280*800. From the resolution number, we [...]

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