1280-6038B Projector DMD Chip

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Product Description

1280-6038B projector DMD chip

Product name: 1280-6038B

Manufacturer: TI (Texas Instruments Incorporated)

Warranty: 90 Days

Note: 1280-6038B, 1280-6039B, 1280-6328B, 1280-6138B, 1280-6139B, 1280-6339B, 1280-6338B are same chip provided same resolution. These model can work for each other.

DMD chip (Digital Micromirror Device) is an optical semiconductor that is the core of DLP Projection technology. If your projection set is a DLP technology, it should include a DMD Chip inside the projector.

When will you have to replace a new DMD chip?

If your projector has been used for a couple years, some projectors will display white dots on screen (See the following picture). In the first time, you may find just several white dots, but as day by day, you will find the white dots become more and more.

White dots on scree

White dots on scree

If you find the same error or something similar with your DLP projectors, there must be the DMD Chip problem. If you do not replace a new one, you will see nothing on your screen soon.

PS: If you do not know which DMD chip is using for your projector, please contact us by We will respond within 1 business days.


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