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How to Start Dropshipping Business With WordPress + WooCommerce

Wanna learn how to start dropshipping business from the beginning?

As the dropship business doesn’t need you to manage product inventory and process shipment, many people would like to head into this game to make great profit margins as their part-time or full-time job.

Here is how you can start your dropshipping business with 5 steps:

1. Pick a profitable but not competitive dropshipping niche

2. Source dropshipping products that sell

3. Create the dropshipping online store with WordPress + WooCommerce

4. Optimize your store for search engine ranking

5. Promote your products to worldwide targeted customers with strategies

If you are new to dropshipping business, you will learn step-by-step to create your own online business.

Before we dive in it, let’s talk about what is dropshipping.

How to start dropshipping business

What Is The DropShipping Business

First, if you are new to dropshipping, you may be wondering what is the dropshipping.

Do you want to start to sell products to worldwide customers and get profit, but don’t want to manage the product inventory, take times to handle products and shipping to your customer?

While you build up your online store, get orders from your customers, you can pass your orders to the supplier and get a profitable margin.

This is what we called the dropshipping business that allows us to find and sell products without stocking the products.

In that way, you can only focus on online marketing, generating customers to your store.


Why Start Dropshipping Business

There are some reasons for you to jump into drop shipping business gaming.

Making you a good commission – Comparing to affiliate and other making money online method, dropshipping allows you to make more commissions.

Wanna proof?

The is a dropshipping store that sells portable blender at $39.95.

Dropshipping business commissions proof


In the meantime, the Aliexpress supplier of the Blendjet only provides it at less than $15.00 which makes more than 60% commission.

dropshipping supplier charge


Low budget and very easy to get started – You can start your first dropshipping business with a few bucks. Also, you don’t have to spend much time to manage the product inventory and process the shipment. Because your supplier will cove it.

Scalable – Once you have one or two products get viral, you will make a big income and have more budget to advertise on different platforms. The more target customers you reach, the more revenue you are able to make.

Online Selling Platform for Dropshipping

There are many different platforms that allow you to head in to drop shipping.

However, each of them has its Pros and Cons.

Let’s have a quick look at these dropshipping store…

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Wish
  • Shopify
  • WordPress + WooCommerce

Pros To Drop Ship On Amazon & eBay:

  • People visite Amazon and eBay are more intent to buy a product than visiting a self-hosting web store.
  • There are millions of buyers are ready to buy products on Amazon and eBay.


Cons To Drop Ship On Amazon & eBay:

  • High monthly fee and up to 20% sales fee.
  • Listing customization limited
  • The social community set up limitation –  No mather Amazon or eBay, you are not allowed to ask customers to connect with your social network.
  • Easy get banned – Your Amazon or eBay account is easy to get blocked if you did something wrong with the selling behavior.


Dropshipping With Shopify

Needless to say, you might know something about Shopify if you’ve read any dropshipping tutorial somewhere.

There’re lots of drop shippers talking about Shopify because it’s quick to set up and easy to use.

However, as its start from $29.00 monthly subscription fee, it’s not affordable for every dropshipping beginner.

Furthermore, the premie Shopify theme costs $140.00 which is a big budget to start.


Why We Like WordPress + WooCommerce Dropshipping Store

You may hear of WordPress which is the most popular blog platform.

As its amazing Google SEO friendly, there are many notable big name brands build up their website or e-commerce store by WordPress.

Such as BBC America, the official star wars blog, Sony music, Time Inc …

Moreover, there are many more reasons you will like WordPress + WooCommerce to start a dropshipping business:

  • It’s free – WordPress and WooCommerce are free to every drop shipper.
  • Unlimited products – You can add as many products as you like to your WooCommerce dropshipping store. No extra fee.
  • Lots of free plugins – There are numbers of free dropshipping plugins, SEO and social promoting plugins that help your dropshipping business to success.


And today, I just talk deep about starting the dropshipping business with WordPress + WooCommerce.

Here are the things you need to start with:

A Step-By-Step Guide To Start DropShipping Business With WordPress + WooCommerce

Up to the present time, I’ve talked about what is the dropshipping and why I’d like to use WordPress + WooCommerce to build my dropshipping store.

But you may be wondering:

What do I need to create the dropshipping business with WordPress + WooCommerce?

In this section, I will show you how to build up your store and start dropshipping business with step-by-step.

Additionally, I will let you know how to get everything at a lower price so that you can save the budget in the promotion.

Here’re exactly what you need:

Step # 1: Pick A Niche For Dropshipping

Before getting sales online to win profits, you need to focus on a specific niche and source the products that your target customers demanded.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do is niche research.

Here’s how:


Idea To Pick Up A Niche

To pick a niche means to choose your target customers. Because specific niche customers will have the same interests, same behavior, same hobbies and same pain point in their daily life. In this case, you can put more effect on promoting your drop shipping products to the same customers to meet their requirement.

For example,

Yoga is a popular niche. The yoga fans will need products like a yoga mat, yoga dresses, and other accessories.

But how do you choose the niche right for you?

There are many different methods to find a niche to start your drop shipping business in 2019. Here are some suggestions for your reference:

  • Think about your hobbies – To start the dropshipping business with your interest will let you keep the passion in your business. Honestly, a successful dropshipping business is not built in one day. You need to stay active on it to learn your market, understand your potential customer’s pain point.
  • Head into the most profitable and fewer competition niche – Yes. You won’t want to compete with the big brand or lost of sellers.
  • Ensure the Niche is hot and the market is large – Use the Google trend to check for the niche popularity.

Here are the six profitable niches you may take it into consideration.

Profitable dropshipping niche


Step #2 Source Dropshipping Products

Once you decided the niche, you need to source some products to drop ship.

But what’re the ideal products to add to your store?

Here are some ideas of perfect products that you can consider:


  • Solve Problem – Yes. Every person will have a problem in their daily life. If your products can solve your customers’ problem, your target customers will spend money on it.
  • Not too large and heavy – ePacket and some airmail are the common shipping methods on dropshipping suppliers. The large and heavy products are not able to ship to your customers promptly.
  • Ideal retail price from $15 to $100 – It’s easy to sell the products and get 30% – 60% profit margin at the price range of $15 -100.
  • Not too competitive with high demands – If the dropshipping products are saturated by big brand and lots of sellers, you will not able to get a good profit.
  • Don’t sell products is reasonable

Base on these perfect product factors, you can choose your drop ship products from Aliexpress or other providers from China.

Step # 3 Create Your Dropshipping Online Store With WordPress + WooCommerce

In order to build up a dropshipping store, we will need a domain name and hosting before we start.


Choose Dropshipping Store Domain

The first thing, you will need a domain name to start your dropshipping store.

That’s the website URL allow your buyers to visit your store to complete the purchasing.

For example: is the domain name that buyers can visit eBay stores.

Wanna know how to get the perfect domain name for your dropshipping store?

Here is what you need to consider before registering:

  • The customers country you targeted – If you wanna sell the products to worldwide customers, I recommend to go for the .com domain. And if you just want to sell to a specific country, pick a country domain will be better. Like


  • Include the niche or product keywords – For example, if you want to sell golf products, try to go for or…The domain contained a niche keyword will help your store rank better in Google search result.


  • Short and memorable – Keep your domain as short as possible. So that your buyers can remember your store quickly. Generally, a good domain shouldn’t more than 15 characters.


  • Pick the one you like – Yes. Your personal opinion is one of the important matter to pick a domain name. Confirm you are satisfied the meaning of the domain and the sound.


  • Scalability – When you register a domain for a specific niche, think about if the domain is still relevant when you scale the store product categories.


How Can You Generate The Best Domain Name

Now, it’s time to generate some dropshipping store domain name idea.

Wanna know how:

Just follow my guide to have some ideas.

First of all, let’s head into Namemesh generator.

Dropshipping store domain name generator


Let’s say you’d like to resell the yoga shirts.

Just put in the keyword into the generator box and hit enter.

This is crazy:

A full-page domain name idea with hundreds of results come out.

On the top right side of the name mesh, you can filter the domain with .com and set the domain max length to 15 characters.

So that will save you much time to find the perfect one.


If you can’t source the one you like most, try with different keywords or generators such as,,, and


How To Buy A Domain Name At Low Budget


You main have some domain that you would like to use in your dropshipping store.

The next step is to buy the domain.

Here is how I register my domain on Godaddy to have a big discount:

  1. Go to Godaddy home page and type in the domain you would like to get. And press enter.
    Search for the domain name
  2. Here, we can see the domain availability. And we can also find the domain is good or not as Godaddy’s judgment. Click the ‘Add to Cart’ button.Domain availability
  3. Now, let’s go to the cart page. Un-check all the unnecessary service from Godaddy to save money.Uncheck the upsell service4.1.) Create a Godaddy account or log in your existing account if you have. 
    2.) Choose the period you want to register the domain.
    3.) Enter a coupon code CJCCPNCC to get 50% off discount for a 5-years registration.
    Create or log in Godaddy account The discount percentage likely depends on the country you are located in. Try with a different country if you wanna get more discount.

In the last step, complete domain purchasing with a valid credit card.


OK. If the domain name is like the address to your home, now, the hosting is the land that allows you to build your home.

Therefore, the next you’ll also need is WordPress website hosting.

Purchase A WordPress + WooCommerce Hosting

Good hosting will power your WooCommerce dropshipping store.

But what does good hosting should like:

  • Uptime – You won’t hope your store get down while your buyers are visiting your store.
  • Price – For a dropshipping starter, around 5 bucks per month can be afforded by most of the drop shippers.
  • Hosting performance – A WordPress optimized hosting load much quicker than an ordinary one. And the store loading speed will improve your visitor to your customer.
  • Professional support team – The experienced WordPress + WooCommerce support team can help you solve any issues when you build up the store.


With these in mind, I highly recommend the SiteGround hosting provider as my years of website building experience.

Their hosting comes with SSD hard drive and has been optimized for working great on WordPress environment.

Therefore, the loading speed is faster than other hosting such as Bluehost.

And the most important is they have an experienced technical team who can help you fix any issues with WordPress at any time.

In addition, you can start your dropshipping business from $3.95 per month.


Here it’s what you need to do register a hosting and connect with your domain name:

How to Get The Fast Hosting For Dropshipping Business


Head into the SiteGround with my special offer linkso that you can apply for the discounted startup price of $3.95.

The regular price is $11.95 per month if you go directly to their site.


Pick the right hosting plan

When you are on their home page, select the WooCommerce Hosting Plan.

WooCommerce Hosting Plan to start dropshipping business


And next, you will find there are three hosting options that you can select.

But which plan should you pick?


Dropshipping store hosting plans


In my opinion, go for GrowBig if you can afford it.

There are three reasons I recommend it:

  • Unlimited Website – Which means you can install as many websites or blogs as you can on the GrowBig plan hosting.
  • More Powerful On Super Cache – In the GrowBig plan, you have more Cache setting to speed up your drop shipping online store.
  • Advanced Backup Of Your Store – You can do any changes in your store. And they can restore with their backup service if anything goes wrong.

The best part is:

The SiteGround offer 30-days money back guarantee.

If you are unsatisfied with any issue about the hosting, you can cancel the plan to have full money back.


Enter or register the domain name

OK. As soon as you pick up the hosting plan you preferred, you need to enter your domain name.


Enter the domain name for hosting registering

If you have registered the domain name as my previous tutorial, check the ‘I already have a Domain’.

And enter the domain as my example.

Then hit ‘PROCESSED’ button.


Choose the hosting location and period

After that, you will go to the last step of review & complete the order.

In this step, fill in your email, login password, and your personal information.


Choose the hosting location


In the hosting services, there are 5 location options.

Choose as close as your target buyers.

For example,

If you are going to put more effect on promoting your products to US customers, select the Chicago.

Similarly, when you target Europe audience, pick up the London.

For the period field, you can select 12 months to 36 months.

In the light of the hosting fee will go back to the regular price of $19.95 in your next renew, my recommendation is picking the 36 months.

In this case, you can save big in the long run.


For the SG SITE Scanner service, you can check the box to enable it.

This is an extra service that SiteGround name will scan and monitor your website.

They will check and inform you as soon as your website is hacked or injected with malicious code.

However, if you don’t want to spend the money on unnecessary, just uncheck the box.


Complete The Payment

OK. After finish filling all the information, you can complete your payment via credit card.

Of course, you can pay the hosting by PayPal (It’s unavailable by default), but just open a chat with the sales assistant.

They will make some setting on the check out page that allows you to use PayPal.



Now that you have all the necessary to start your dropshipping business.

The next is to install the WordPress+WooCommerce on SiteGround hosting to complete your own selling platform.

9 Processes To Install WooCommerce Dropshipping Store

Once you’ve signed up the hosting, you need to install the WordPress website and activate the WooCommerce plugin.

In order to make your store to load quick, it’s important to install the website and configure it right.

Follow with my step by step guide in case you miss some detail and make things wrong.

Process #1: Connect Your Store Domain With The Hosting


Before you create the store on the hosting, it’s critical the set up the connection between the domain name and hosting.

However, you can skip this step if you registered the domain from the hosting provider.

But if you get it from Godaddy like me, configure the DNS from your Godaddy account.


Here is how you can do this:

First, login your SiteGround hosting account.

From the home page of the dashboard, go to ‘My Accounts”.

Go to my accounts


Click the ‘Go to cPanel’. It’s where you can create the store from the hosting.

Go to hosting cPanel


From the cPanel page, copy the Name Servers which it on the left top side of the page.


Copy the name server


Secondly, go to your Godaddy and log in your account(Domain name account).

In the Godaddy dashboard page, find the domain you want to connect with SiteGround.

For example:

My domain name.


Configure domain DNSThe third, Click the ‘DNS’ button.


In the Nameservers section, click change > Custom Nameserver type.

Change DNS


The fourth, Past the Nameserver copied from SiteGround hosting dashboard.

Now hit save and you’ve it done.

It takes a few minutes the domain will be pointed to the SiteGround hosting.

How To Add More Domains To The Hosting

If you are want to add more domains to the hosting to build up more dropshipping stores, you need to process one more step.

Here it’s how you can do:

In hosting dashboard, find the ‘Addon Domains’ app like:

Addon extra domain

Click on it and fill in the extra domain name, FTP Username, and passwords.

Fill in domain information

Process #2: Install The SSL Certification


In order to let your customers feel trust and secured to shop on your dropshipping store, you need to install an SSL certification.

A store comes with an SSL will look like:

SSL certification


Free SSL is one of the features of SiteGround hosting.

But we need to install it to our store domain.

Wondering how to assemble it?


In the security section of hosting cPanel, find the ‘Let’s Encrypt’ app and get on it.

Find SSL certification app


Find the domain you would like to install the SSL.

Start dropshipping business domain SSL certification

Check ‘Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL’

After clicking the ‘Install’ button, the SSL will be processed to the installation queen from the backend.

It will be completed within 5 minutes and you can see it by reflashing the same page.


Process #3: Install WordPress On The Hosting

After setting up the domain name and SSL, it’s time to install WordPress with the domain.

Keep following these processes to complete the installation correctly:


From the cPanel of your hosting, search for the ‘WordPress’ tool and click into.

Here it’s the app icon looks like:

Wordpress app

Click the ‘Install’ button inside the WordPress Installer page.

Click install button for wordpress


  1. Choose the latest WordPress version.
  2. Use ‘https://www.’ protocol. You aren’t able to select the https if you haven’t installed the SSL as my last step.
  3. Pick up the domain you want to install.Wordpress set up
  4. Type in your the site name.
  5. Also the site description.
  6. Uncheck the WPMU box if you don’t need it.Wordpress website setting
  7. Fill in the WordPress back-end login information such as admin username, passwords, and your email.
    WordPress information
  8. Set the website default language.
  9. And check the box of Classic EditorSet default language
  10.  Custom the database name – I suggest to custom the database name if you want to install more than one dropshipping stores.

Okay. Once you have all the information done, click the ‘Install’ button on the bottom.

As soon as the installation completed, which normally takes 1-2 minutes, you will have your website front and back end link like:

dropshipping store URL


You can add plugins, add products, set up payment on your administrative URL.

The next, let’s add the WooCommerce plugin to our dropshipping website.

Process #4: Install WooCommerce Plugin

Up to now, you have your dropshipping website online. But there is one more step to have it become a store. That is to install the shopping cart.

Important to realize, WordPress is a website program and the WooCommerce is the shopping cart system.

Different from WordPress, to install the WooCommerce app is much easier.

Wanna know how…


First, visit your admin URL.

In my case, it’s

Log in with your user name and passwords that was customized in your installation.


Second, find the plugins > add new tap on your left sidebar of the dashboard.

Install woocommerce to start dropshipping business


Here is where you can add any plugins for your dropshipping store.

Now, search the WooCommerce from the search bar. Click ‘Install Now’ and Activate it when you have the plugin showed.

Search WooCommerce Plugin


After that, you will be lead to a wizard page to help you configure the Woo store. You can follow it to complete it with 5 steps. But I would rather finish it manually. Of course, I will show you how to configure it in the later section.


The next, in order to make our WooCommerce store looks more professional, you need to install a WordPress theme.

Process #6: Install WordPress Theme


Upload the WordPress Theme

In this step, I am showing you how I install the Avada theme, the #1 selling WordPress Theme for multiple purposes, and make the dropshipping store customization.


Download the theme from your theme supplier.

Then, go to your store dashboard > Appearance tab from the left sidebar > Theme.

how to install WordPress theme


When you are in the theme installation page, click the ‘Add New’ button on top of the page.

Add new WordPress theme


Hit the ‘Upload Theme’ in the same location.

Drag and drop your theme download file to the ‘choose file’ button or click it to choose the file. And hit ‘Install Now’ button.

Drag the WordPress theme to upload


After the theme installed successfully, click to activate it.

Activate the Avada WordPress theme


Now that the Avada WordPress theme is installed to your store.

Next, we need to import the demo that will help you to make your website looks more professional.


Import the Avada Demo WooCommerce Store


If you are using the same WordPress theme as in my case, you need to register a token and submit it. If you are installed other them, you may skip this process.


Register the Avada theme token


Now, find the theme demos tab, select the demo you like, and import it.

For example, I import the Classic Shop demo.

Import the Class shop theme demo data

Install the needed plugins and check all the content from a popup window. Don’t forget to click the ‘IMPORT’ when the plugins finish installing.

The importation will be finished within 1 minute which depends on your hosting performance. In my case, it’s less than a minute because of the WordPress optimized hosting. If your dropshipping ran slow, I highly recommend with the fastest WordPress hosting. You can ask for their support team to transfer your existing cPanel to the new hosting.


Okay. Up to the present time, your dropshipping store may look like the theme demo. You can visit your URL to have a look. Here it’s how mine like:


My WooCommerce dropshipping store looks like


The next you need to do is adding your niche dropshipping products and remove the existing demo products.

Let’s dive into it…

Process #7: Adding Your DropShipping Products

There are two different way to add dropshipping products to your WooCommerce store – Manually and automatically.

Add products manually

First, here is how you can add the products manually to the store:

From your store admin dashboard, find the Products tab in the left sidebar > Add New.

Add products to dropshipping store

Then you can add all product details from the interface.

Here it’s an example of cat toys product…


How to add dropshipping product to WooCommerce manually


Here you need to type in the product name, custom the product URL, price, description, etc.

Pro tips:

  • Write the name with the product keywords
  • Include the product keyword on the URL and keep it short
  • Write the product description by yourself. Let your customers know what the product is about and how it helps them to solve the problem. List the bullet points.
  • Use product tags
  • Custom the product images file name with product keyword and compress the file before uploading to the store. You can compress the file by TinyPNG a compressor tool.
Add Products Automatically

If you want to add hundreds of products to your store from Aliexpress, you can import them by a plugin.

There are two plugins that you can use to import the dropshipping products from Aliexpress. They are Ali2Woo and Alidropship.

Wanna know how to use it to import the products?

Here I will take the Ali2Woo free version for example:

First of all, after you purchase the plugin, go to Plugins > Add new > Upload Plugin in your store admin dashboard.

Select the plugin file when you download from Ali2Woo or Alidropship.

When the installation is finished, activate it to make it function.

Install Ali2Woo Dropshipping Plugin

Here I am installing the Ali2Woo free version:

In the store admin page, go to Plugins > Add New > Search for Ali2Woo

Install dropshipping plugin


Next, you may also need to install the chrome extension into the Chrome web browser as well.


Search ‘Ali2Woo Chrome Extension’ from Google.

Add the chrome extension

After it’s done, you also need to connect your store with the extension by API key.

Find the Ali2Woo Lite > Settings > API Keys tab from the left sidebar of your store admin dashboard.

Find the API key from the Ali2Woo plugin

And paste the key to the Ali2Woo Chrome extension which you can find it’s on the top-right side of your Chrome browser. Its icon is a blue 2.

Add Ali2Woo API key to Dropshipping chrome extension


In the meantime, you can set up other settings for Ali2Woo such as pricing rules, reviews settings. You can also add multiple API keys to the extension if you are running more than one dropshipping WooCommerce store.

After that, you can import the products to your store.


Importing Products From Aliexpress

When you finish setting up the plugin, go to Aliexpress. Search or browse the products or categories. And you will find an extra ‘Import’ button pop up when you put the mouse on the products.

Aliexpress products importer


Click that button to import the dropshipping products you’d like to resell on your store. As soon as the importing successfully, find the list from your store admin > Aku2Woo Lite > Import List.

Here we can see the product is listed:

imported dropshipping products from Aliexpress

You can select all products and Push to shop. So that the product will be published in your store. The free version isn’t supporting to variants. You need to add it manually if you don’t want to upgrade it to pro. From the product image tab, you can remove the logo from the supplier and crop it as you like.

OK. Up to now, the drop shipping products importing is done. And next, you may need to configure the store default currency, shipping fee, and payment methods before opening your store to your customers.

Let’s move on to the next process…

Process # 8: Configure WooCommerce Dropshipping Store


In this process, you will need to configure the default currency of your store, the shipping methods, shipping fee and payment methods that allow you to receive orders from your customers.


Okay. Let’s head into the WooComerce > Setting tab from the left-side bar of your admin page dashboard.


#1 General Store Setting

First, in the ‘General’ setting tab, you need to fill in the store address. You can add your own address or your supplier address for refunding purpose.

Set up dropshipping store address


Select the countries you wanna sell. Here I recommend selling to the countries that ePacket can delivery if you drop ship Aliexpress products. That is because of the ePacket is most reliable shipping methods to ship worldwide from China. Check out more detail of the ePacket.

Set up selling location

Choose your primary currency. In most time, we will pick the US dollar. But if your major battlefields are Europe, choose Euro or British pound. Don’t forget to save when you finish this setting.

Set up store currency


#1 Shipping Setting

Second, you will need to go to ‘Shipping’ tab in the same WooCommerce setting page.

Add the shipping zone in the ‘shipping zone’ sub-tab. And the shipping method.

In order to promote your dropshipping products, you can add a free shipping method. And you can set the free shipping only valid when an order is over $50.00.


In the ‘Shipping Options’ sub-tab, I highly suggest you check the ‘Force shipping to the customer billing address’ option.

Because when was a beginner of dropshipping, a hacker took an order of over $1000 to ship to Egypt which the billing address is United States. When the package delivered, he opened a PayPal case for the reason of products not received. And finally, PayPal forced to send a full refund just as PayPal only captured the billing address.

shipping and billing address

#3 Payment Methods Setting

Third, configure your payment methods.

Regarding the payment, most of the drop shippers will use PayPal as its trustful and convenience. However, I personally don’t like to use the default PayPal that is on the WooCommerce. I will install a plugin called WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Gateway. Because it allows your customers to complete the checkout without leaving your store.

To install it, just head over to Plugins > Add New > Search WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Gateway > Install > Activate

Here is the one I installed in my all WooCommerce store.

Set up PayPal payment method

Once it is installed, go back to the WooCommerce setting page, enabled and manage it in Payments sub-tab.

Enable PayPal checkout

Next, in the setup page, check the ‘Enable’ box, type in the title, select live environment.

Fill in payment ti title.

Link your PayPal account with the API key.

Click the blue button that will guide you to the API setup page.

Set up API key


Sign up or log in your PayPal from the page. If are typing in your existing PayPal account email, you will be led to a login page, or it will direct to a PayPal sign up page.

Pro tip: Some countries’ drop shippers don’t want to use PayPal because of the difficulty to withdraw to their local bank.

For example China. They will have a limitation,  50K USD per year, to exchange the USD to China Yuan. To be more complicated, if they pay out the Aliexpress dropshipping products with the local credit cards, they have to withdraw the USD from PayPal to the local bank, exchange it to China Yuan, and pay for the credit cards’ bill by buying USD from the bank. It’s really painful.

Under those circumstances, applying a Payoneer card will fix all the problem. With it, you can not only withdraw money from PayPal but also receiving payment from Amazon. Moreover, you can use this card to open an Amazon selling account and affiliate account.


Okay. When you have your PayPal live, click on the’ Set up or link an existing PayPal account, and follow its processes to complete the setting.

Before going to the next setup, you can test if the payment method is work.

Go to your storefront, add a product to the shopping cart and go to the last check out step. In the final step, there should be a PayPal popup page that allows you to fill in the credit card information like this:


Test PyaPal payment method


That’s awesome if you find this page pop up which means it works perfectly.


Up to the present, your store is almost done to start a dropshipping business. But you still need to make some custom on the logo, banner, policy, etc. If you are using the Avada theme link me, you can change the default demo pages in your admin dashboard > Pages or Posts. Furthermore, you can also follow the theme video tutorial and set up the function you need.

Step #4: SEO Optimization For Dropshipping Business


After launching your dropshipping store, you need to do some SEO that helps your store or products rank high on Google organic search.

The more pages or products rank on the first page of Google, the more successful you will get on your dropshipping business.

In this step, we will cover the basic SEO optimization actions that you can follow with and hope that will help you start a dropshipping business.

Let’s get into it. 

#1: Allow Google indexing your dropshipping store.

The first thing of doing SEO is allowing Google to index your store. You won’t get your customers to find your products or store if it wasn’t indexed correctly.


In your store admin page, go to Setting in the left sidebar > Reading > Uncheck the ‘Search Engine Visibility’ Box.

Let Google index your dropshipping store


Next, add your store sitemaps to Google search console.

You need to install an SEO plugin called Yoast SEO.

Go to plugins installing page and search the Yoast. Install and activate it.

Install Yoast SEO plugin

Find the SEO tab in your store admin left sidebar. Go to General > Features, find the XML sitemaps menu and click the question mark. And click on the ‘See the XML sitemap’ link. Then you will go to your store sitemap page. The Yoast SEO XML sitemap page will be https://www.yourdomain/sitemap_index.xml. You can also visite your sitemap page by adding the /sitemap_index.xml link at the end of your domain name.

Add store sitemap to Google

Then go to Google Search Console page. Login with a Google email. If you don’t have it, sign up one for free.

In Google Search Console page, add a property.

Add dropshipping store to GoogleType in your full store URL. And continue. After that, you will have to verify the site by uploading the file to your website hosting.

Verify your storeDownload the file from Google verification pop up window. And go to your website hosting cPanel, look for the file manager app. When you click on it, upload the file to the public_html root folder. If you installed your store on a subfolder, find your store folder to upload.

When the file uploading finished, click the ‘Verify’ button in Google search console page.

Click on the ‘Sitemaps’ link.

Adding sitemap

Past the ‘sitemap_index.xml’ and submit it to Google.

Submit the Sitemap

Within minutes, your store will be caught by Google. You can check it out by searching on Google.

However, it doesn’t mean your customer can find your products or store from Google search. You still need to do more SEO works to rank your products on the first page of Google search result.

#2 Dropshipping Store On Page SEO


Before going over to the dropshipping business store on page SEO, let’s talk about what is that.

Indeed, the dropshipping on-page SEO is to optimize your every page, including store home page, category pages, products pages, to rank higher in Google search result. So that will allows your customers to find your dropshipping products easily and get more sales.


Okay. Here is how you can do the search engine optimization job on your dropshipping business store…


Add Your Target Keywords On Every Store Page’s Title Tag

The title tag is the first sentence your customers will read on Google search result. So, it’s the most important factor to help your page to rank higher on Google.

Put the keywords as close as the beginning of your page title.

Action Step:

Go to the store page, post or product page, adding the target keyword on the beginning of the title.

For example,

Here is how I add keyword ‘Cut Cat Bed’ on my dropshipping product title tag.

Keyword on title tag


Use An Optimized Permalink For Every Page Or Post

The optimized permalink means to keep the URL short and keyword included.

With the same example above, I custom my product URL only including my target keyword.

On the other hand, if you are selling several same products, try to add one or two more words to separate them.

Advanced shorten permalink step:

Go to your store admin page Settings > Permalink, configure the permalink with post name.

post name permalink


Shorten product permalink.

shorten product permalink

Add Keyword On Mata Description

What is the meta description?

Let’s say you are searching for a keyword ‘cute cat bed’ on Google.

When you see the result like:

what is meta description

The meta description is under website URL.

In the meta description tag, you are telling your customers what is your page or product about, why they should buy from you but not others.

How to add the meta description?

When you install the Yoast SEO plugin as I recommended above, you will find an extra section that allows you to custom your dropshipping store pages meta title and description. That is located at the bottom of every page, post or product page.

That should look like:

Yoast SEO plugin function


Here, fill in your focused keyword first. And when you type in the SEO title and meta description, the plugin will highlight the focused keyword.


Put Keyword In The First Sentence Of the Content

Drop your product keyword or focused ranking keyword in the first sentence. At least, you have to put it in the first 150 words.

That will help the search engine like Google to know what is your page or product page about.

Here’s how I did it in my product full description:

Drop keyword in the first sentence


Use The Focus Keyword In H2

Add the keyword in h2 (Heading 2) title at least one time.

For example:

Dropshipping SEO h2 title

Publish More Than 300 Words Of Product Description

I know it’s really hard to write a thousand words of the description on every product description, especially if you imported hundreds of products from Aliexpress.

To do this if you are an experienced writer.

Longer content ranks higher in Google search result.

However, if you are stuck to post it, make it at least 300 words by describing the features of the product, listing the bullet points and telling the buyer how to use the products.


Optimize The Product Images

Name the product images with product keyword.

And compress them before uploading to your WooCommerce store. So that will save you a lost of hosting storage and your website loading time.

Use the to save the image size up to 80%.

You will see how does my product image file name look and the percentage it compressed:

Compress product images


Furthermore, add the keyword to the image alt text when you upload the product images.

Add product alt text with keyword

Add Quality Video To The Product

If possible, add a quality video created by yourself to show the benefits of the product, how to use it to solve or fix the customer’s problem.

A product video will help your store increase the conversion rate.

Additionally, that will boost your SEO ranking as well.

Step #5: The 8 Dropshipping Marketing Strategies That Drive Traffic To Your Store


You won’t get any traffic to your store if you don’t promote it to your target customers.

Especially if your store is totally new to Google.

The search engine will not rank any brand new store to the top page of the search result even if you did a perfect SEO optimization.

In this case, you have drive traffic to your dropshipping website strategically.

Bellow, you are able to learn these 8 dropshipping marketing strategies that will help you get more traffic.

Let’s dive into it…

Strategy #1 Get Traffic With Quora

  1. Reddit Marketing
  2. Instagram Marketing
  3. Pinterst
  4. Facebook Advertising
  5. Google Advertising
  6. Content Marketing
  7. Email Marketing
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